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We believe that at the core, families should have a good understanding of their financial foundation. These areas are the building blocks that create opportunities in the future. When income comes in each month and expenses go out, what we have leftover can mean the difference between feeling good about our achievements or concerned for what may lie ahead.

At Summit Financial Services, we seek to gain an understanding of your current picture (what works and what does not), so that goals, issues, and concerns can be brought to light. Our approach is to enhance the cornerstone of one’s personal wealth picture through conversations. Having enough peace of mind and income to last one’s lifetime is no small task and most people have a plan, yet few have tested theirs.

Just like playing a sport, you must understand the rules of engagement before you begin. Whether this is tax planning, paying for school, caring for a loved one, loss of income, turning on retirement distributions, or the possibility of inheritance, one must be fully aware of the rules that each situation poses. When properly understood and aligned with a strategic plan, our goal is to help clients have more money, more time, and more fun in their lives.

Agent Name

Frank Hebert, CPA

Wealth Advisor

Frank Hebert is the proud parent of five children, and his oldest son, Craig, has been working with him since 2001. Frank actively volunteers in the community and through his church, and he is a member of the Bowie Council of the Knights of Columbus. Frank has helped scores of valued clients identify and avoid costly roadblocks that could negatively affect their financial future. He is a sought-after speaker on a host of pressing financial topics and has appeared at such venues as: National Security Agency (NSA), Kennedy Krieger Institute, Communication Workers of America / RMC Local 2108, Glenn Dale Senior Citizens Group, and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Agent Name

Craig Hebert

Wealth Advisor
Since 2001, Craig has been helping clients grow, protect and manage the distribution of their assets. Craig has extensive knowledge in federal benefits as well as the ever-changing insurance and securities marketplaces. His goal is to help families in all areas of their financial lives, with a strong emphasis on education funding and retirement income planning. By utilizing the latest tax and educational laws, he strives to drive down the cost of education and taxes, while increasing cash flow and money set aside for retirement. When these areas align themselves properly, the results are overwhelming. Craig has served on some non-profit boards in the past: By Their Side – whose mission is to help developmentally disabled and intellectually challenged adults and their families with the difficulties in transitioning the role of a caregiver; Good Scouting Program – whose mission is to increase awareness and funding for Scouts BSA in the Baltimore Area Council; South Carroll Business Association – whose mission is to increase local business opportunities (B2B) and raise funds to provide college scholarships for students looking to pursue a degree in business/finance. Craig and his sons enjoy camping, hanging around many baseball fields, and are very active in Boy Scouts.
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